It’s interesting that—suddenly, and triggered by a stranger saying to another stranger on the phone, “I’m really excited to see you”—my heart can be flooded with a feeling of longing for all the people I miss. The brain is _______ like that. I couldn’t find the right word for it.

Today I listened to a story about reality. Big topic. In short, our brains piece together what we believe to be solid, immovable realities by the inputs, relationships, habits, and concepts we perceive. But how limited those perceptions are! We build our lives—sometimes intentionally—largely around our preferences. The fact that there’s so much more outside of those preferences is mind bending, in the best possible way. Now that I’m thinking about it, the church is perfectly designed to break that subconscious filtering we do. The message of Jesus was meant for all and if you have a church that believes that and, hopefully, a diverse city, you get boundary-breaking relationships. I think we need that.