My brother has come back from India a changed man. He is alive. This card reduced me to tears and humble gratefulness.


How much I love you is hard to describe as the significant impacts you have had on my life have not been few in number. When I was young you were kind to me and attempted to understand when no one else would. You have given me much wisdom and joy, even in my state of melancholic depression, seeing you and being near you reminded me of God’s goodness. You made me feel loved and wanted, thank you. When I think of a graceful, kind, thoughtful, loving, God-fearing woman, you come to mind and make me wonder what mom was like at our age...I see her best qualities in you. Whenever I hear a beautiful piece of music I think of you. “An excellent wife who can find? None but the Lord.” I was reading Proverbs 31 and I see what God is doing and what has already been done in your life. The thought of your walk and your future with God makes me praise him. Wondrous things will be done through you and your family. God cherishes his children and he delights in the consistency of the humble. I love you so much Chels, you mean the world to me and I am blessed to know you for eternity and whatever lies beyond.

Your brother,