I feel numb. I do not mourn as I think I should over this election. I believe I should because millions now fear for their futures and the futures of their children. (The fact that I do not feel this acutely is a bullhorn announcing my privilege; I am aware of that now.) When they were already feeling oppressed and unwelcome, their fears are now touted by the man we just elected to represent and work for us on the world’s stage for the next four years. A lot can happen. A lot will happen. I want to be shocked that we, the people of this country, chose a leader who is full of mockery, disdain, and fear rather than humility, love, and true strength. But I am not. Not really. I am waiting in anticipation of what God, the true King will do. Before the results came in, I had been asking Him to let things happen according to His will for people to come to know Him, not according to the preservation of our comfort and “freedom” as a nation. I guess this is it. Though I don’t want it, God is good. Our president is not. Yet in the end, I choose faith in God over faith in country. I cannot stand in unity with my country at this time. But I will stand with my brothers and sisters that are in pain, in whatever humble, feeble way I can.